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A Unique "Relationship" Website for Oregon

...Bringing people together

Welcome to The Mingle Grove Community, where we help each other find new and nourishing relationships that go beyond the screen.

We’re more than a dating site; we will soon be a vibrant community dedicated to helping you meet local people in a meaningful, genuine, and enjoyable way. Whether you’re looking for love, friendship, or someone to share your hobbies with, Mingle Grove is bringing people together in Oregon.

Why MG?

Great Chat

From real-time messaging and video chats to interactive forums and personalized group discussions, our platform enables you to communicate in ways that suit your style and preferences.

Personal Experience

We understand that every member has unique needs and preferences. MG offers personalized profiles that allow you to tailor your experience, helping you find the perfect matches.

Nearby Gatherings

Mingle Grove encourages diverse opportunities to meet and connect with others in enjoyable settings to foster genuine connections and create lasting memories within our community.

Local Approach

We verify each member’s address so you know you are connecting with people in your area. Local gatherings are encouraged.

Meaningful and Genuine

We strive to build a supportive community. We provide a secure platform and monitor feedback to create an environment you can trust.

Community Focus

Join a local community of like-minded individuals who want to meet other people, while valuing authenticity and meaningful connections.

Together, we will make meeting online better.

Making Nourishing Connections

At, we understand that connections with people form the foundation of a fulfilling life, transcending traditional boundaries to include not only romantic partnerships but also friendships, activity partners, and supportive communities.

Recognizing the dynamic nature of how people come together, we’ve embraced the latest evolution in social interaction, what we call a Relationship website, from virtual meetups to helping people connect in shared living arrangements, reflecting a broad spectrum of needs and desires.

Our platform is designed to facilitate these diverse forms of connection, offering online tools and spaces that cater to the evolving ways individuals seek companionship, support, and shared experiences. And encouraging local gatherings to get you face-to-face as well.

Whether it’s finding a travel buddy, a new best friend, or a like-minded individual to share life’s adventures, is committed to helping you navigate this landscape, making meaningful connections easier and more accessible than ever before.

Tired of the Big Dating Websites?

Northwest singles… we hear you – you’ve had it with the big, impersonal dating websites?

Fed up with added expenses at every turn? Running into fake people? Discovering your profile lived on long after you quit?

Helping find people with whom to connect is what we are about at MG. Finding that special one for you is about your heart. We will always respect that.

Yearning for something more authentic... more nourishing? Us too.

Find A New Friend

Everyone deserves a chance to meet someone who gets them. It’s about putting yourself out there in a way that feels fun, freeing, and without pressure …starting with MG.

So why not? Experience a new, exciting way to meet people in Oregon that’s as friendly, encouraging, and full of possibilities as the region we call home.

Join us at Mingle Grove for free, where the journey to meet like-minded individuals in the Pacific Northwest is reimagined as an adventure filled with potential, warmth, and the promise of new friendships.

Single or Married - Find Your Mingle Groups

Imagine a place where first impressions extend past a simple swipe, beginning with a personal, ten-second, phone-selfie video. It captures the essence of Portland’s innovative and inclusive spirit, creating a welcoming space for you to show up authentically. Mingle Grove is not just another dating site; it’s a modern-day rendezvous place for people craving real connections, blending the excitement of new encounters with the warmth of familiar ones.

Some current MG Groups:

  • Traditional Dating
  • Non-Traditional Dating
  • Activity Partners

And Mingle Grove let’s you create your own Mingle Groups that make MG a better place. This feature invites you to tailor your search for connection, around what you want in life. Make your group totally private by invitation only, if you like. MG believes making connections should be as diverse and dynamic as the individuals within our community.

Introducing Mingle Grove

A unique and better dating website…
encouraging nourishing connections of all kinds.

Watch our video…

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Frequently Asked Questions

We started the MG community as a dating website, in part, because we felt even online, meeting someone should be meaningful and genuine. And we felt big dating websites had lost their way.

Mingle Grove has evolved to be about helping people make real connections with your neighbors… whether you are looking for a lifelong romantic partner, someone new to share in an activity or just a new friend to come out and play.

MG is different than the big dating websites because:

  • MG is owned by one, semi-retired guy that isn’t planning ways to increase your subscription fees.
  • The same guy had too many bad experiences with the big dating websites and hears similar stories from others.
  • Conclusion? There has got to be a better, more humanizing way to meet people, even if it is online.

So MG is striving to be better…. we are also different because:

  • Local Approach – We verify each member’s address so you know you are connecting with people in your area. Local gatherings are encouraged.
  • Meaningful And Genuine – We strive to build a supportive, local community. We provide a secure platform and monitor feedback to create an environment you can trust.
  • Community Focus – Join a local community of like-minded individuals who want to meet other people, while valuing authenticity and meaningful connections.

Yes, married individuals, and couples, can find Activity Partners to share the things they like to do. Hiking partners, card playing friends, Superbowl aficionados, happy hour associates… MG is about finding new friends, first and foremost.

Yes, we offer a free level of MG. You will always be able to message someone. Or leave your profile available and get notified if someone wants to talk. Or hide your profile until you return. 

We will begin charging for some levels of MG in the near future (large websites are expensive to run), but these will remain free during our startup phase. Invite your friends to help us make our MG community a success.

Join us for free as a Founding Member, participate in our beta testing and you will continue to enjoy all MG levels for free for the foreseeable future!

Join us at MG:

  • Register for free and get verification of address.

  • Create your free profile in just a few simple steps.
    1. Recommend ten-second, phone-selfie video introducing yourself.
    2. Make personal Picture Albums such as ‘Young Me’, ‘My Art’, etc.
    3. “Connect” with people you like.
    4. Optional, private, In-depth Online Questionnaire for better matching.

  • Groups: Join Mingle Groups for Traditional Dating, Non-Traditional Dating, Activity Partners (think Meetup for one), Practical Partners (roomates, repairs, etc) and Let’s Talk (video gatherings), or build your own Group to share your ideas.
    1. Complete the Group Questionnaire.
    2. Search and communicate with Group membership
    3. Attend Group video gatherings
    4. Comment and follow Group forums and discussions
    5. Invite friends to join Groups
    6. Form your own Group that further enhances MG.

  • Find People: Use our intuitive search tools to find potential matches based on shared interests and locality.
    1. Connect Online: Reach out and start conversations in our secure chat environment.
    2. Chat
    3. Message
    4. Video chat
    5. Forum conversations

  • Meet People: Join local Mingle Grove suggested events or arrange your own meetups in public places… impromptu or planned.
    1. Local gatherings
    2. Event listings
    3. Online video parties

Join us in our pre-launch phase as a Founding Member, try out the features and services, participate in our testing surveys and we will give you premium MG membership features for free for the foreseeable future.

Absolutely! We are a place to find romantic dating connections as well as potential friends for sharing your favorite activities, whether it be outdoors such as hiking together, or indoor activities like visiting museums or playing cards. Think Meetup for one?

No matter your interests, we hope you’ll find new friends to share them with in our new “relationship” community.

Yes, our Mingle Groups offer:

  • Traditional Dating – mongamous romance
  • Non-Traditional Dating – Slightly different relationships
  • Activity Partners – non-romantic, interest-based relationships

You can make your own Mingle Group as well! We encourage group ideas that benefit MG members.

Make your group open to all MG members, private by invitation only, or even hidden. Create a group that reflects your interests and improves MG.

On approval, a Mingle Group Manager* can start a group with:

  • Pictures and Albums
  • Videos
  • Forum discussions
  • Pages and documents
  • Member directory
  • Private and group messaging, also live messaging
  • Zoom online video gatherings
  • Local event calendar
  • Optionally offer online services for free or for a fee.
  • Privacy – Groups can be open to MG Members, by invitation only or hidden and available only by invitation.

*The MG Group Manager role is a free service for now. Everyone can make groups on approval. Group Management will have a monthly fee eventually.

MG is serious about trying to help members get to know their neighbors. We encourage you to tell MGer’s about yourself with a ten-second, video introduction, along with your pictures and your stories that let others know you better.

And we want to hear all about who you want to meet and why. (Spoiler alert: You have a secret, additional profile for your Connections!)

Nearly every MG profile question is optional. You can make your visits quick and easy, or spend a little time to make your introductions more meaningful and reflective… your call. (We do know more informative profiles help others feel more comfortable meeting you)

Join us for free with no credit card required in our Mingle Grove community.

Join Our Founders Club

Help us build our MG community now

Let’s get this party started! There are not many people here yet, but get a head start. Have an hors d’oeuvre and look around.

Join us in our pre-launch phase as a Founding Team Member by registering today, then try out the many groups, features and services.

Use some features and participate in our testing surveys to get premium levels of MG membership features for free for the foreseeable future.